Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100 Wireless Home Security

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I Upgraded To Lynx Touch Wireless Securitiy

Lynx Touch 5100 Wireless Security SystemI recently installed a Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100 in my new home. It replaced an old hardwired Napco System originally installed by Dangle Alarm. The traditional hardwired systems are becoming a thing of the past in many residential alarm applications. With the advances in wireless technology,  the choice was clear to install a wireless security system in my own home. The Honeywell Lynx 5100 system offers many great features that make operation of the system easy to use for my family.
No longer do you have to drill holes through walls, windows and doors to add security devices. The wireless technology makes installation easier and the systems more affordable. By adding a few wireless sensors, I was able to update our security system and eliminate the old security control panel that was the termination point for all of the wired devices. The keypad features touch control along with voice prompts, making operating the system simple and straight forward. A Mobile tablet acts as our remote keypad. The tablet connects to the Lynx Touch 5100 via our home WiFi network, and allows me to arm and disarm the system from the 2nd floor of my home. The remote keypad is a great addition to the system should the system should ever get triggered at night. I also have the added ability to control the system thru Honeywell’s Total Connect. Total Connect allows me to login through my smartphone or iPads and control  the security system from anywhere.
As the owner of Dial One Security, I am a firm believer in the wireless technology that has come to the security industry. I trust my family’s security to the simplicity and advanced functions that the Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100 offers.

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