Home Automation

Be In Control

The Honeywell ReadyGuard 5200 and ReadyGuard 7000 control panels now integrate home security with home automation, so go ahead and take control of your home.


With Scenes as part of the home automation built right in to your security system, you decide which lights turn on when you arrive home, or which lights stay on when you go to bed. With Scenes and Schedules, lights can be programmed to operate to match the way you live in your home and can be controlled from any remote location.


Do you need to let someone into your house while you are at work or on vacation? Don’t leave a key under the door mat, just unlock the door and turn off the security system from your smartphone or PC. When you set up a scene in the control panel, you can automatically control the door locks with the security system as you return home, leave for the office or arm the system for the night. You’re in total control!

Scenes and Schedules

The security system’s scenes and schedules allow you to enhance your lifestyle and simplify your daily routine. Scenes allow you to control your home automation features when you initiate an action such as disarming your security system, while a schedule allows your security system to manage tasks automatically on a daily routine such as turning the lights on 30 minutes before sunset.


Do you need to check in on an elderly parent, a pet at home, or someone at the front door? Your security system can now enable you to view cameras right on the touchscreen, a smartphone, tablet or PC. Check in remotely to view activity inside or outside of your home from anywhere.

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