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Since the first issue was published in 1992, the mission of The Sentinel has been to help Dial One Security customers learn more about protecting their valuable businesses and home investments from theft, fire, property damage and other security violations. This includes providing useful direction to our customers on protecting their computer equipment, office buildings, inventory, electronics and the health and well being of their families and employees. The Sentinel is published bi-annually and contains informative articles on numerous security topics, as well as features on new Dial One Security products and services available to our customers. Studies have shown that the risk of property or personal damage in the home or workplace can be dramatically reduced with the correct security equipment and precautions in place. Dial One Security is committed to ensuring the security of our customers, and bringing you the most up-to-date and accurate security information. If you would like to be on our Sentinel mailing list, please fill out the online form.

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