Going Green At Dial One Security

Dial One Security is determined to increase our green initiatives at our Madisonville offices. Over the past several years, we have been implementing changes in the way we do things to better serve our environment. The changes started with the installation of high efficiency LED lighting in many of the office spaces and grew to include our highly efficient recycling program. Dial One Security was able to reduce its weekly garbage pickup from a 6 Cubic Yard dumpster down to four garbage cans. This was achieved by separating our disposables into recyclables and garbage. We currently recycle five 96 gallon recycling cans every other week for our office paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic bottles through the City of Cincinnati’s Recycling Program.

Besides the curbside recycling that we do, we also separate out any steel, aluminum, scrap wire, copper, brass, batteries and even water filters and take them to private recycling facilities. The money generated from our recycling program is then handed out at our company meetings to encourage our employees to further the program.

Mechanical system updates such as the installation of an instant hot water heater and a waterless urinal have helped us reduce our utility consumption. We have also replaced our less efficient gas furnaces with high efficiency heat pumps to further our energy savings.