Rest Easy With A Dial One Security Home Security System

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Home Security Systems by Dial One SecurityAs you go to bed  at night do you ever wonder if you closed all the doors, or heard a noise outside but were too afraid to go out and investigate on your own? A Residential Home Security System can give you the piece of mind that you are protected. Control Panels such as the Readyguard line of control panels, will give you visual notifications if a door or window is left open, but still allow you the flexibility to bypass these zones if you wish. With the addition of features like Total Connect, you can add cameras to your alarm system and view them on any internet connected device such as your smartphone or computer.

Residential Security Key Pad

As technology has advanced, wireless home security systems have become easier to install and less expensive than the traditional hard wired systems. The Control Panels have also become much easier to use with graphical keypads that feature full color  touch screens and voice instructions.  Among the devices that can be part of a security system are Window/Door Contacts, Motion Sensors, Smoke/Heat Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Glassbreak Detectors, Temperature and Flood Sensors, Asset Protectors, Outdoor Motion Sensors and Air Conditioning Unit Protection. All of which can be configured to meet your specific security needs and provide you with the appropriate level of protection.

Home Security Alarms often qualify you for Insurance DiscountsResidential security systems not only protect you while your home, but also protect your property while you’re away. With the addition of smoke detectors to your system, a fire that may start while you’re not home, may get detected and notify the fire department before the fire grows out of control. Many Insurance companies recognize the advantage early detection of a fire and offer a discount on your homeowners insurance. Make sure to contact your insurance agent and ask about this discount.

Wether you are concerned about protecting your famiily while you’re home or protecting your property while you’re away, Dial One Security can help you with all of your security needs so you can rest easy no matter where you are. Give us a call today at 513-527-4400, so that we can start protecting you!

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