License May Be Required For Scrap Metal Sale

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After recent copper thefts, like the one at Glenway Crossing, where copper thieves did an estimated $250,000 in damage and $150,000 in copper was stolen, have forced the City of Cincinnati Public Safety Committee to look at ways to curb the rash of metal thefts. City council is considering requiring anyone who is tring to sell scrap metal within the City of Cincinnati to obtain a license and undergo a background check first.

Air Conditioner Destroyed During Theft Of Copper

Representatives from the scrap metal industry argue that this will just force the sale of scrap metal to outside the city limits and cost jobs at the scrap yards within the city and potentially force those businesses to close. Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls stated to industry representatives about the sale of stolen metal that "It is a small portion of your business. So I think you ought to urge yourself and your clients to restrain themselves before they make allegations of being put out of business."

City council is slated to take up this matter again in two weeks.

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