Home Security And Your Social Media

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Increase your Home Security by not tweeting “Rob My House”?

With spring break just around the corner, make sure you update your emergency contacts for your home security system and keep in mind who knows our plans for vacation. In today’s society we all seam to be permanently connected to our smartphones and computers. We are constantly checking our status on facebook, tweeting about what we’re doing at any given minute. We inform our friends and circles what, and where, we are shopping and eating.

Social media is truly a fantastic way to stay connected to family and friends. Technology has made it easy for us to include people in our everyday social lives that are located far away and with whom we might not otherwise connect with regularly. However, you might want to think twice before you express your excitement across the social media universe about your upcoming vacation, or activities that you are doing while on vacation.

In a growing trend, burglars are able to select their targets by eavesdropping in on our posts about our vacations through our social media apps. This gives them an open opportunity to plan their break-ins when no one will likely be home.

With so many social media apps in use today, it is difficult to manage all of your privacy settings to limit who is able to see your activity. The best advice would be to save your excitement about your vacation until you arrive home and post your photos in an album. That way everyone can see what a wonderful time you had all in one place. This should be a family wide policy to minimize the number of people that know that you are away.

Vacations are meant for fun and relaxation. Disconnect from technology for a short period and enjoy your time away, and don’t forget to activate your home security system before leaving.

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