Camera Systems As Part Of Your Home Or Business Security

Dial One Security


Total ConnectHave you been considering adding a Camera System to your home or business? If your are looking for an observation system or a system that records a number of days at a time; Dial One Security can help design a cost effective solution. Camera systems can add a layer of protection over and above your Electronic Security System. Just the site of Video Cameras on your home or facility can deter the risk of theft or vandalism. Cameras also give employers and employees peace of mind as well. Exterior Cameras can watch over parking lots and walking paths around your location. Interior cameras can record any on site incidents such as accidents or employee theft. The addition of cameras may also get you a discount on your insurance policy. Dial One offers a wide variety of cameras and recording solutions. Digital Video Recorders (DVR)  or Network Video Recorders (NVR) can record  a number of days at a time. It is easy to go back and view archived video and extract an incident for police or the owner of the property. Just in the past few months, the video cameras at Dial One Security were able to help a local property owner identify the truck that caused damage to his building, witness a motorcycle accident that occured in front of our office, identify the person responsible for stealing our American flags that were set out along our sidewalk and capture the time that a pipe broke in our office causing a flood.


Honeywell Dome CameraDial One has seen an increase in requests for Residential Camera Systems. Honeywell's Total Connect Video is a great cost effective option to look in on your property while you are at work or on vacation. This is a great way to check in on your kids, baby sitters, property or pets. These IP cameras can be set up to send you a specific type of event straight to your smart phone in real time. The system can also be set up to let you know when a senior loved one takes their medication or when your business opens in the morning. It is a great way of just popping in and checking out what’s going on in your home or business.


For an in depth look at the options available in selecting the camera system that is right for your application, take a look at the Camera Technology brochure on the Dial One Security website.


Contact your Dial One Security representative to discuss camera options for your home or business. 


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