Waste Oil Theft

Dial One Security

Waste Oil Theft

On the night of Monday January 23rd, a client of Dial One Security had the waste oil from their car dealership stolen. The theft occurred around 2 am in the morning and involved a large tanker truck that pulled into their lot. Waste oil is sold for about 50 cents a gallon in bulk.

This is part of a new rash of crimes that not only target used waste oil from vehicles, but also waste vegetable oil (WVO) from restaurants, also refered to as "Yellow Grease". The cooking oil is used in the production of biodiesel fuel and can sell for $0.44 per pound. WVO weighs about 7.5 pounds per gallon, which equates to $3.30 per gallon.

As commodity prices continue to rise, anything of value  becomes a more likely target of theft.


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