Support for Madisonville Braves Youth Organization

Dial One Security


Dial One Security has provided support for two instructional baseball teams and the girls softball team. The Madisonville Braves Youth Organization teams are a division of the Cincinnati Knothole Baseball Association. They teach the fundamentals of baseball to groups of youths in Madisonville and throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.
Their goal is to positively influence the youth in our community, and to show them someone cares about their future. Organized athletics is the medium that they have chosen to instill the necessary skills, and information in our youth that will assist them in becoming productive adults, and citizens.
The organization has been in existence since 1981 under the leadership of Lornie Starkey, and the late Bruce Fields. They currently support 9 youth baseball teams, 1 girl softball team, and are growing. The teams are for kids ranging from 5-18 years of age. 
We wish Lornie and his teams much success with this program.

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