Recent Increase in Break-Ins Targeting Upscale Cincinnati Communities

Recent Increase in Break-Ins Targeting Upscale Cincinnati Communities

The Cincinnati area has recently experienced a concerning surge in break-ins, particularly affecting upscale residences in the Hyde Park and Indian Hill neighborhoods. Law enforcement agencies suspect that these break-ins are being orchestrated by organized criminal groups based in South America. In this blog post, we will shed light on the tactics employed by these criminals and offer advice on how to enhance your home security.

Preferred Targets: Primary Bedrooms

The perpetrators behind these break-ins exhibit a clear preference for targeting primary bedrooms, especially those located on the first floor or accessible via a roofline. This choice of target suggests a strategic approach to quickly locate valuable items and make a swift exit.

Daytime Break-Ins

Most of these break-ins occur during daylight hours, which is a departure from the typical perception of nighttime burglaries. Criminals may be banking on the assumption that homeowners are away at work, making it easier to gain access to their properties unnoticed.

Entry via Glass Doors and Windows

The primary mode of entry for these criminals involves accessing homes through glass doors or windows. It’s important to note that they are attempting to bypass security alarms by avoiding the conventional method of opening doors or windows. Instead, they opt to climb through broken glass, thereby reducing the risk of triggering alarms.

Valuables of Interest: Jewelry and Cash

The criminals primarily target two valuable commodities: jewelry and cash. This focused approach indicates that they are looking for items that are easy to carry and convert into quick profits. Intriguingly, they often do not venture into other parts of the homes, further emphasizing their desire for swift and discreet burglaries.

In response to this concerning trend, Dial One Security strongly recommends the following security measures to safeguard your home:

Arm Your Alarm: Whenever you leave your home, make sure to activate your alarm system. This simple step can serve as a powerful deterrent to potential burglars.

Glass Break Sensors: Consider adding glass break sensors to your security system. These sensors can detect the distinct sound of breaking glass and trigger an alarm, providing an additional layer of protection.

Additional Window Sensors: Install extra window sensors to cover all possible points of entry. Comprehensive coverage can help ensure that any unauthorized access is promptly detected.

Surveillance Cameras: Invest in security cameras to monitor the exterior and interior of your property.

Regular System Testing: Don’t forget to have your security system tested regularly by professionals. Ensuring that your system is in optimal working condition is crucial for its effectiveness.

The recent increase in break-ins in Cincinnati’s upscale communities is cause for concern. By taking proactive steps to enhance your home security, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to these organized criminals. Stay vigilant, invest in robust security measures, and make it a priority to protect your home and loved ones.

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