Battery Replacement

Battery replacement for your security system is an easy job that you can complete yourself or have one of the Dial One Security technicians complete for you. Follow the easy instructions below for how to change the battery to your alarm system.

Changing the battery for your system is a very easy process.

You will need to locate the main control panel which is usually a tan metal box approximately twelve inches wide. The main control panel may be installed in the basement, mechanical room, or a closet. In some businesses it may be above the dropped ceiling.

You can open the main control panel by either unlocking the door or unscrewing the two Phillips-head screws located on the right side of the panel.

The battery is located at the bottom of the panel.

Disconnect both wires leading to the battery terminals. Replace the old battery with a new battery by attaching the black wire to the black terminal and the red wire to the red terminal.

Once completed close the panel door and re-lock or secure with the two screws.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure please call our office at 513-527-4400 during normal business hours.

*You may purchase batteries from our office.

The type of battery required for your system may depend on the type of panel you have. If you are unsure please contact us.

Battery recycling information.