Honeywell Asset Protectors

Dial One Security

Honeywell’s Total Connect Tracking Services are a great solution that use GPS technology to let home and business owners remotely track vehicles and assets in real-time using their computer, smartphone and other Internet-enabled mobile devices.

Asset protectors and tracking devices are a great way to know when your teenager arrived safely at school or home, a homeowner monitoring their boat or trailer, or a business owner monitoring their equipment at a job site. “Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services can be deployed in countless scenarios— providing our customers with an easy and intuitive way to stay connected to their vehicles and valuable assets,” said Dean Mason, senior communications product manager, Honeywell.

This newest service is the latest addition to Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, which allows consumers to control their security and automation, view live video and receive important alerts on their devices. Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services can be offered as a standalone or combined with security and video from one place.

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