The Grinch Who Stole Poinsettias

Dial One Security


With the Christmas season fast approaching, Dial One Security client, Natorp’s, was on the receiving end of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”. With their greenhouses full of Poinsettias waiting to be shipped out and sold for Christmas, someone was helping themselves to the plants at night.
Although their security cameras had captured images of the thief, the thief had not been caught in the act. With the weekend approaching, Dial One Security was contacted by Kyle Natorp, CEO of Natorp’s, on Thursday about the theft problem and what could be done to help them out. Mike Brown in our sales department configured a Lynx 5200 security system for the greenhouse that would provide a top notch security solution at an affordable price.
On Friday morning, Dial One Security installation technician Jeremy Miller, was given the task of installing the system. Jeremy decided that the best way to catch a thief was to not give them any warning that the system had been triggered, so the system was installed as a completely silent alarm. The system was also configured with Advanced Protection Logic to send in the alarm signal immediately upon any of the sensors being activated in the event that the control panel was destroyed during the break in.
By Friday afternoon the system was installed and ready to be put to the test. Little did anyone think that the system would be put to the test so soon. Friday night the thieves once again showed up at the Natorp’s greenhouse to help themselves to a little holiday cheer. This time the security system was there to greet them and they were quickly apprehended by the police.
Kyle Natorp wrote us to say “I wanted you to know what a great job your team did for us.  With their solution and quick turnaround time on the installation made all the difference.  If we hadn’t had it up this weekend we might not have had another chance to catch the guy until spring.” Thank you Kyle for putting your trust in Dial One Security.

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