Door to Door Security Sales

Dial One Security

During the summer months many homeowners in the area will be approached by door to door security salesman from out of state offering security systems at an attractive price and same day installation. While this may seem to be a great deal, many people do not read and understand the contract they sign and get stuck paying high monitoring fees and get locked into long term contracts.

The tactics that these salesmen use have caused numerous reports with the Better Business Bureau. It has been reported that the salesmen falsely identify themselves as representatives of other companies, inform the consumer that your existing security system is outdated even though your system is less than 2 years old, provide the consumer with an agreement which contains provisions that were not mentioned in the salesman's verbal presentation, install the security system the same day to make it difficult to remove the system should they decide to cancel prior to the expiration of the three-day cancellation period and many people find it hard to get the salesman out of their house without signing up for a security system.

Our words of advise would be "Buyer Beware", never let someone in your house that you don't know or were not expecting, and take the time to fully understand the contract that you are signing. Buy from people you know and trust, and buy local.

We at Dial One Security wish you a safe summer!

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