Dial One Security Employees Volunteer for the Great American Cleanup

Dial One Security

On Saturday April 21, ten employees of Dial One Security volunteered to participate in the Great American Cleanup. This year we chose to cleanup a very steep and winding portion of Kenwood Rd. This is a section of the road, near our offices in Madisonville, that had been neglected for years due to how dangerous it is to not only drive on, let alone pick up trash along the side of the road. With the help of the Cincinnati Police Department, who furnished us with two police officers and their cars to help with our security, we were able to control the flow of traffic and conduct a through cleaning of the roadside. We removed four full pickup truck loads of trash, bottles, cans and tires, all of which were taken to a drop of point for the city to haul away. As part of the cleanup, we also cleaned out storm sewer grates and gutters, trimmed back some of the overgrowth that was growing next to the road as well as cut up and removed a large tree that had fallen and was laying along the side of the road.

This has always been a great experience for our employees to give back to the community and truely make a difference. We look forward to this event every year.


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