Is there a correlation between Valentine’s Day and House Fires? uncovered a peculiar safety pattern occurring annually on February 14th. Across the United States, homeowners exhibit a significantly higher tendency to trigger fire alarms during the evening hours on Valentine’s Day compared to ordinary nights.

Scrutinizing aggregated and anonymized data gleaned from millions of properties safeguarded by technology, a notable 64% surge in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is evident on Valentine’s Day. However, the engineers at can merely conjecture as to the underlying reasons behind this phenomenon.

Although it is all speculation reasons could include inexperienced cooks and/or the use of candles on Valentine’s Day.

Based on’s examination of data spanning the past two years, there’s a notable uptick in fire alarms observed on Valentine’s Day between 5 to 9 p.m. Typically, this timeframe sees around 1,226 weekday alarms. However, on Valentine’s Day, the frequency of smoke alarms surged to 2,010 alarms during the same period.’s article can be found here:

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