Cleaning Your Smoke Detectors

Although Dial One Security recommends that you have one of our licensed fire alarm technicians clean your smoke detectors some of our clients prefer to do it themselves. The following is a simple guide to help with that process.

Step 1)

Call the central station and put your system on test. If you do not have the central station number please call our office for additional instructions.

If your account number ends with a “D” or “31” the number for Central Station is 513-244-7000.

If your account number begins with a “241” the number for Central Station is 1-855-792-7969.

You will need to provide Central Station with your account number or street address and your password.

Step 2)

Inform all occupants of the home or building that the system may sound.

Step 3)

It is important to understand how your system operates and how to silence and your smoke detectors. It is very common for the smoke detectors to cause an alarm during cleaning.

Step 4)

Using canned air (like the kind that is used to clean computers), blow the smoke detectors out. If your smoke detectors have removable smoke chambers, remove the smoke chambers, clean them and replace. Not all smoke detectors have removable chambers and removing a non serviceable chamber may cause permanent damage.

Step 5)

Allow the smoke detectors to settle for about 15 minutes before taking the system off test.

Canned air may be purchased from our office or a retail computer store.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure please call our office at 513-527-4400 during normal business hours.