Access Control for Small Business

Dial One Security

Did you think that Access Control Systems were just for large companies? Honeywell’s NetAXS-123 provides an affordable solution for small businesses that need to control 1,2 or 3 doors. The NetAXS-123 system gives you the flexibility to expand the system as your business grows. With web based controls, set up and management of the systems is simple.

An access Control System gives you ability to control when the doors are automatically locked or unlocked. Schedules and access privileges can be set up to determine who has access in, around and through your building and during what times. Each employee is issued a unique access card that determines when and where they are permitted in and around the building. When an employee leaves the company there is no need to rekey the locks, simply delete the employee from the system to prevent further access. Access cards can be issued with an expiration date for contractors or temporary employees that allow them access for a predetermined period of time. Reports are easily generated to see exactly when doors were accessed and by whom. View the Honeywell video to find out more about the Honeywell AXS-123 system. Call Dial One Security and let us help you manage the access to your business.

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