401K Enrollment


Dial One Security, Inc’s 401K plan is managed by ING. If you have questions that can not be answered thru Dial One’s WEB site or ING’s WEB.

There are just a couple of forms that need to be completed to enroll in Dial One’s 401K Plan. The first is the Enrollment Form and the second is the Beneficiary Designation Form. Both can be down loaded as PDF files. The Participant Booklet has information on the plan and the investment options. The Booklet is normally handed out as you enroll.


Form 1: You must make two decisions to complete the Enrollment Form. The first is what percent of your income is to be deferred for retirement. Remember that at 5% or above you get the maximum company match of 4%. The second decision is to choose into which of the 13 funds you want your money invested. You may want to review the funds themselves and/or look at the possible preset mix of funds list. To help you decide how aggressive you want your account you can take a Financial Self Assessment Quiz.

Form 2: The Beneficiary Designation Form needs to be completed. If you are married and want someone other than your spouse as the beneficiary this form must be notarized

Once you have filled out the two forms hand them into the office and your 401K will be started.


By Mail: Once your account is set up you will get a Quarterly Account Statement mailed to your home address. A sample Quarterly Account Statement can be viewed online.

By Internet: You can also access your account by logging into ING at www.ingretirementplans.com. Then hit LOGIN and enter your user ID and Password. If this is the first time hit SIGN UP. You will need your Social Security Number and your PIN, You can get a PIN number for your account by calling 800-262-3862 and goto Customer Service (option 0). If you forgot your password hit FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD.

By Phone: You can access your account 24 hours a day by calling the automated phone system at 800-262-3862. You will need your social Security Number and your PIN.

Additional access to your account can be reviewed on ING’s assistance sheet


To rollover other retirement accounts into your 401K plan fill out the Direct Rollover to a 401K Plan form. Check with your existing account manager for any surrender fees charged for this rollover. Most accounts will have surrender fees that decrease over time. The older your existing account is the lower the surrender fees will be. You do not have to rollover your existing retirement accounts but for simplicity you may want to fewer accounts to manage.


1) Our Complete Plan is very lengthy but is available for your review. It contains items that are required by IRS rules.

2) ING’s main home page is www.inggroup.com.

3) Our Plan Investment Policy can be viewed online.

4) Open Enrollment is during the month of July